Six Hungry Men

Jun 21, 2016 Category: Experience Tag: #Celebrity , #seaport-airport road , #Kakkanad , #kochi , #Infopark , #Noel , #Interior decor , #Ambience , #Tom Yom Koong , #Tomato Basil

I was travelling on the night to Mangalore. My compartment had a few young men with whom I struck up a conversation. We shared many tastes, especially that of food and movies. They told me about a chance discovery, they made in Kochi. Here's what they shared.

"We were driving down the seaport Airport road on a rainy night on the way back from Wayanad. Everyone was tired and famished. But none wanted the risk of going to town and get mired in the traffic snarls. We were looking for some place for the night meal. 

Someone noticed the first floor of the building ahead with people dining inside. We pulled up and drove in. there was a KFC restaurant in the downfloor. But with the rains we all were in mood for hot and spicy food and a warm ambience unlike what we get in a food chain.

So, the six of us plodded up to the first floor restaurant, not waiting for the lift, to be greeted by MUSTAKE reception. Someone commented, hope it isn’t mistake. With suppressed laughter, we walked in. The guests were a mix of families, techies from nearby Infopark, love bugs and so on. The atmosphere was cosy and comfortable for all of them.

But alas! There was no table for six available. So we were asked to wait in the lounge while a table became free. We did as directed. That was when we noticed the wall décor.  A large fork, dangling chains, crystal pebbles and chefs gang. The display counter had some marinated stuff that looked inviting. The cameras and mobiles came out and we were clicking away when a family walked out and they called us in.

The menu card held many promises. We ordered and waited few minutes impatiently.  Jose said jokingly, “ Most probably the guys at the next table would be sick the next day, with us drooling over what they were eating”.  Faisal said, “ Doesn’t that waitress look like our classmate Mary Bhutia at Manipal?”. All eyes were soon devoted to the person in reference. Some nodded assertion. Mathew who had a soft corner for Mary, was not pleased by the similarity noted.

Soon our order arrived, the soups - Tom Yom Koong (prawns) and Tomato Basil soups. They came hot and steaming and we gulped them down, warming ourselves. Next came Bang bang beef and Koong thod as starters which were repeated. Everyone was too busy to notice to see the media celebrity enter and be seated at the next table.

Next came Thai Curry, Mustake 65 and Nasi Goreng with some mocktails. In 40 minutes, we were well fed. And then our attention wandered to notice the celebrity.  But she clearly was in good company and wasn’t asking more. So we paid the bill and went back to our car to resume our journey.

Mustake was good and we intend to make it our place on our frequent drives."

After hearing the whole story, I smiled smugly.

Oh! Boy, were they surprised when I told them I was the chef who made one of those tasty dishes at Mustake.


By, Shiju(Executive Chef)